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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018 04:20PM PST
The PEAR for Apple Watch app can be used in two ways: As a heart monitor in tandem with the phone app, or on a stand-alone basis without the phone present. You must have the PEAR app installed on the Apple watch in order to use it as a heart monitor. If you prefer to do workouts without your phone, you can sync up to three workouts at a time to the Apple watch and complete them, using a Bluetooth headset to hear audio coaching.

How do I install the PEAR app on the Apple watch?

Download the PEAR Personal Coach app from the App Store, if you have not done so already. To download the PEAR app onto the Apple watch, open the Watch app on your phone, select PEAR and toggle Show App on Apple Watch. Wait for the download to finish.

Do I need to allow Apple Health permissions?

Yes, in order for the app to work properly, you should connect PEAR with Apple Health and enable heart rate, distance and workouts in the Sources section of Apple Health. Make sure to turn on both READ and WRITE categories. 

What is stand-alone mode?

The watch is in stand-alone when it is not connected to the phone via Bluetooth. With this mode, you can do a Tracking Only workout without coaching, or you can transfer up to three coached workouts to the watch. Distance, heart rate and time will be tracked. However, in order to hear the audio coaching or periodic stats, you must use a Bluetooth headset. 

How can I do a coached workout in stand-alone mode?

1. Launch the PEAR app on Apple Watch and select the Apple Watch Only mode.

2. Launch the PEAR app on your iPhone and navigate to the My Workouts screen.

3. Tap the watch icon next to the workout you want to transfer.

4. Wait for the workout to finish transferring to the watch, then tap that workout on the watch to begin!

Why won’t the Apple watch show my heart rate during a workout?

You must have Apple Health connected to PEAR, with Heart rate turned ON in both Read and Write settings. To check your settings, open Apple Health on your phone and select Sources. Select PEAR and adjust categories accordingly. 

If you are starting the workout from your phone, but you aren’t seeing heart data on the phone, keep in mind that you must be on the active workout screen in the watch. Even if the Apple watch shows “Connected” in the Sensors screen, you may not see heart data if the PEAR app is not open on the watch.

In some cases, the watch may take a few seconds or longer to capture the heart rate after you start the workout. 

Make sure to wear the Apple watch tightly around your wrist in order to accurately capture continuous heart data. 

Why can't I see my distance and/or map information?

Make sure you have Location set to Always in your phone's Privacy settings. To do this, navigate to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Find PEAR in the app list and set to Always.
You must have Apple Health connected to PEAR, with Walking + Running Distance turned ON. To check your settings, open Apple Health on your phone and select Sources. Select PEAR and adjust categories accordingly. 

How can I hear audio stats and coaching in stand-alone mode?

A Bluetooth headset is required to hear all audio/coaching while in stand-alone mode.  Connect to a headset from the Bluetooth settings on the watch, then launch the PEAR app.

Can I play music while running in stand-alone mode?

We have now added a music ducking feature, which allows you to listen to music simultaneously with coach prompts. The music will lower in volume when a prompt plays.

If I am using the watch app and phone app together, can I control the workout from the watch?

Yes, if you pause/resume or stop the workout on the watch, the action taken will be reflected on the phone app. Similarly, if you pause/resume or stop on the phone, the watch will reflect it accordingly.

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