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VO2 Max (Your Fitness Number)

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 02:12PM PDT
PEAR Sports now allows you to accurately find your personal VO2 Max number.  VO2 Max is a measure of aerobic capacity, or the maximum rate at which the body is able to consume oxygen during exercise. It is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular fitness. The upper limit of your VO2 Max depends partly on your age and gender.
PEAR is able to determine your VO2 Max (i.e. fitness level) to within 96% accuracy of a laboratory test. 
Your VO2 Max will be calculated each time you complete an outdoor running workout with GPS running and while wearing a heart rate monitor. But we've also designed a workout specifically for calculating your VO2.

Completing the Fitness Number Workout

In your My Workouts screen, find the Your Fitness Number workout. Complete this workout with a heart monitor to receive a VO2 Max result. Your workout results screen will show you your fitness number at the completion of this workout, and you can view your average score from your profile.

For a shorter, walking version of this workout, search for the Fitness Number Walk workout using the search function. 
To Find Your VO2 Max Number Results:

Navigate to the main menu ☰ and tap your profile picture. Your most recent VO2 Max will be listed as "My Fitness Level."

** To receive a VO2 Max result, you must set “Location Services” on and run outside. Please note that your VO2 max will not be calculated with an indoor treadmill workout. Distance tracking is necessary to obtain a result.


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