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PEAR Heart Monitor Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2017 11:00AM PST
If you are having trouble syncing your HR Monitor, please try some of the troubleshooting steps below.

Moisten the electrodes
Ensure the electrodes (the smooth portion of the strap) are wet when you place them against your skin. Sometimes the act of sliding on the strap can wipe away the moisture. In this case, simply rewet the electrodes once you have the strap in place. 

Reposition the strap
If your chest-based heart monitor is having trouble getting a strong and consistent read, it may be too loose, slipped out of position or became too dry. Try different positions to determine the location for the best read.

Replace the battery
Depending on your usage level, the battery will eventually fail, and should be replaced with a CR-2032 lithium battery. A failing battery can be indicated by a reading of "0", a reading that does not change when it should, or an inability to sync with the app. 

Note: Remember that if you leave the monitor snapped to the strap while not in use, this will drain the battery.

Reset your phone
Perform a hard reset of your phone, by either powering it off for five minutes or by holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. 

Reset the monitor

1. Remove the battery from the monitor. 
2. Turn the battery upside-down and place in casing for a few seconds.
3. Flip battery right-side up to its correct position.
4. Screw on the case cover.

Check the battery casing
Make sure the battery cover is on tight and the gasket is still there. This forms a watertight seal that makes the device water resistant. If the gasket has gone missing, it could allow moisture in and cause corrosion and damage over time, rendering the monitor inoperable. 

Wash the strap
Hand wash the strap with cool water and hang to dry. (Do not put the strap in the dryer!) Build-up of dirt, sweat and oil can cause connection issues. 

Avoid disruption from other phones
Pair your monitor at a distance of at least 10 meters from other smart phones. If your heart rate monitor finds another Bluetooth receiver when you are initially setting up the connection, it may disrupt a connection to your phone. 
Close out background apps
When you attempt to pair your monitor, close all background apps that might be connecting with your heart monitor.  In some cases, Bluetooth heart rate monitors may allow only one connection at a time. Once that connection is established with another app, the PEAR app may not be able to detect it.


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